Together, Visualize Security GmbH operates in cooperation with selected security companies.

An integrated concept for safety management.

Our international cooperation combines the know-how and the
Quality of different safety experts with the load capacity and the
Experiences of a German security company. Overall work
For our co-operation partners around 4,500 employees worldwide. Under
Integrated security management we understand a comprehensive
Offer of security services from a single source along the
Entire comprehensive activities, employees, objects and buildings as well
The warrant insurance, quality articles and money in the facilities
Of the customer.

Temporary and dissected security management is not effective
And costly. Only an integrated and specialized
Safety management along the process chains and in the required
Geographic coverage is efficient in risk minimization,
Sustainable damage reduction and optimizes the cost of the
Sustained company security.

To achieve these goals, we have developed the following management concept:

  • Well-trained guards who are involved in the operational as well as safety-relevant processes.
  • Specially qualified security specialists
  • Professional advice

In summary, the following main points can be used
Advantages of integrated security management:

  • All security services from a single source.
  • Combination of building protection, the security of the customer and his employees as well as theft prevention.
  • Full safety chain from start to finish.
  • Individual configuration of the security service modules.
  • Decisions are based on numbers, data and facts.
  • Professional safety advice and training of employees.